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Kirsten Norton
Web Video Store
Numerous clients

We’ve worked with Peter on many projects over the years and it’s always a pleasure.
Professional, easy to deal with and above all highly efficient – Peter can turn jobs around quickly with no fuss and to the highest quality.
As well as having a naturally great voice, he’s highly versatile and able to adapt his delivery to suit a client’s needs.
I’m very happy to recommend Peter, you certainly won’t regret hiring him.

Michael Sack
IQ Systems
Volkswagen & Audi

Great voice: professional, 
flexible, reliable, responsive.

We’ve worked with Peter for several years now – mainly e-learning projects and video clips for Volkswagen and Audi.

We always achieve great results and our customers are very satisfied.

Simon Barbato
Mr B & Friends
Learn Direct & more

Excellent for all manner of VO requirements.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Peter for a number of years. He has provided a host of voices for all manner of corporate materials from video to eLearning courseware.

His having the facilities to record at home is a massive plus as this allows for quick turnaround of high quality VO at a competitive rate and minus the hassle of booking a studio

Elliott Tiney
Senior Creative, Y&R London

“I commissioned Peter to write for BBC Comic Relief and Babybel. His work was speedy, top quality, and professional. He hit the briefs perfectly, with really cleverly written scripts, and jokes and wordplay used on product wrappers.
I would certainly recommend Peter to anyone for comedy writing work.”

Geoff Whiting
Comedy Promoter, Mirth Control

“the natural heir to Tim Vine & Milton Jones, a prolific writer and great comedy performer… certainly one to watch!
Peter is fast gaining an excellent reputation as the next big thing.”

Miles Chicoine
CEO, Voquent Ltd

“There are few professional performers that possess the range, versatility and experience that Peter does.
Couple that with his passion, professionalism and high quality delivery, Peter seems to almost effortlessly set him self apart from the competition.
In a word, he’s superb!”

Jane Davidson
Viva Learning Design Ltd

Professional and flexible

Peter has never let us down – he’s professional, reliable and a pleasure to deal with, even when presented with a script full of medical tongue-twisters!

He’s been very flexible with shifting time-frames and has always managed to turn things around quickly with no compromise on quality

Highly recommended!

Chris Hood
Wow! Stuff
Commercial & training clients

Pleasure to work with.

Quick turnaround and Professional Attitude
I’ve known Peter since I first hired him as a presenter 10 years ago. Since then he has done many voice overs for me.
I am always impressed with the speed he turns jobs around and always has a professional attitude.

Changes (within reason) are done without any issues and he follows briefs well. I would recommend him to anyone.

Owain Fereday
Highfield Training Ltd
Challenge 25

Good quality and speedy delivery

Peter’s very quick turnaround was essential to the delivery of our e-Learning project – we received the files with plenty of time to review, plus he threw in some alternative takes to boot.

The audio is excellent quality, and Peter himself is a pleasure to deal with. I would happily recommend.